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Ladies, don’t feel shy. Let your ideas influence the world.

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Blogging and Self publishing the new superpowers

Blogging and self-publishing are the new superpowers. Every mother out there can attain these superpowers, so you can.

Imagine that you would like to share your great idea with the world. What would you do?

I guess that you would write an article or even an abstract of a book and send it to the magazine or a publisher. After sending it, you would be waiting for some time for their reply. Most likely, you will never receive one. Inactive and unmotivated, you would hardly write anything else.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. There is a more elegant solution out there and it is Blogging and Self-publishing.

Blogging and Self-publishing are the ways to your freedom. Expressing yourself by sharing your ideas instantly, will liberate you to express yourself and consequently to have an impact.

For example, while self-publishing a non-fiction book related to your specialty, you can easily impact your professional trajectory even without the approval of a big publisher.

Furthermore, by writing a regular blog post you demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension in your field. Imagine, how this can help you to gain the work position you are dreaming about.

Away from mompreneurs, how many women on maternity leave or a prolonged career break are worried about the gap in their CV?

Just imagine how smoothly and elegantly they can fill it with the help of blogging and self-publishing.

But let’s go back to our online mompreneurs. They are blogging and self-publishing their books and e-books as a part of their online marketing strategy. Giving away valuable content, providing support and help, or just sharing their own experience, this is all possible thanks to blogging and self-publishing. Naturally, they generate a source of income as well.

Mompreneurs generate a source of income thanks to blogging and selfpublishing.

So, if blogging and self-publishing are so great, why many women are still shying away from them. I think there are 3 main reasons.

1. Fear of unknown.

2. Fear of what others will think.

3. The belief that they are not enough to share.

We like to stay in our comfort zone. That’s a fact. It is challenging crossing the line of it. But to grow as human beings, we constantly need to cross and cross the lines over and over again. Therefore, if you are the mom, who feels this way, fear no more.

The world is yours. What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you write that blog post about potty-training that you always wanted to write? I guess, the worst thing that can happen is that nobody will read it. But that is not likely, believe me.

Some of us are paralyzed from taking any action forward by the fear of what others will think. We dress a certain way, we behave a certain way, we put our kids to certain schools…all of this just to look good in the eyes of others. But truly, if we ever want to live a life of fulfillment and freedom, we have to get rid of this.

We need to get back to ourselves and discover, what is it, that we want to do. What is it that we want to wear? So what is it that we want to write today?

Finally, a high percentage of women have alarming low self-confidence. It is mostly a result of how little we know about ourselves, which is reflected in limited self-love we practice. Hence, many of us do not have the self-confidence to hit that publish button and send our ideas to the world.

We falsely believe that there is nothing really valuable that we can share. We believe that others will for sure not to be interested in our opinion. We believe that our voice doesn’t matter.

But it surely matters. So, dear ladies, pick up your last pieces of strength and hit that button. Write, publish, share, make mistakes, and learn, be imperfect, and grow.

Starting a blog or publish a book alone is not easy at all. You need a certain amount of motivation as well as support. For me, it was very useful to watch YouTube videos of guys from Create and Go. You can also take their free 5-days blogging boot-camp for beginners.

For self-publishing, you can get a free book Kindle Bestseller Publishing: The Proven 4-Week Formula to go from Zero to Bestseller as a first-time Author! You can download it for free on your Kindle.

All the best luck with your blogging and self-publishing.


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