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What is online mompreneur?

who is an online mompreneur

Have you lately heard the word online mompreneurs and wondered what does it mean? It is quite a new term, and the general language did not yet accept it. However, it is becoming more commonly used. Let’s break down its definition. 

Definition of mompreneur

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According to Wikipedia mompreneur (or UK spelling mumpreneur) is a relatively new word that we started to use quite recently.  Mompreneur defines a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of an entrepreneur.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines mompreneurs as a US informal noun for a mother who started her own business (mumpreneurs – UK version).

Definition of online mompreneur

Online mompreneur definition

Now, what would online mompreneur mean? Let’s first have a look at what is an online business. Online business or e-business is a commercial activity that is based and conducted via the internet.

So let’s put the one and one together, and here we have the definition of an online mompreneur. 

Online mompreneurs, or digital mompreneurs, are mothers who are actively aligning their motherhood and online business. 

What types of businesses online mompreneurs do?

types of online mompreneurs business

Online mompreneurs are starting their business in any field and any niches like any other entrepreneur. The most common areas are those:

  1. blogging 
  2. selling e-products
  3. selling products via e-commerce
  4. writing e-books

You can find some more ideas in my article ‘How to become an online mompreneur’.

As for the niche, an online mompreneur could be perusing mompreneur’s dream in any niche, from baby products, clothing, lifestyle, parenting advice, life coaching and so much more.

When do mothers usually start their business?

According to the study done by 99designs, most mothers start focusing on their business after their children join the school.

Examples of successful mompreneurs

Julia Hartz, co-founder & CEO of Eventbrite (a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives).

Lily Kanter, founder of Boon Supply (Lily founded Boon Supply to make it easy for people to get involved and give back to their communities in meaningful ways. We set out to breathe new life into the world of fundraising by pairing incredible technology with excellent products that make the experience better).

Stephanie Tilenius, founder of Vida (Vida Health, a digital therapeutics platform that helps individuals overcome chronic mental and physical health conditions. )

Neka Pasquale, founder of Urban Remedy (a company specializing in certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan offerings.)

Those are few of the US successful online mompreneurs. But there are so many more of them rocking it all around the world! And most of the really successful once connect in various communities and societies all around the world.

Mompreneurs’ associations and communities

Mompreneurs WorldwideGlobalCommunity
Mompreneur UKUKCommunity
Aus MumpreneursAustraliaCommunity
Mompreneurs IndiaIndiaCommunity
MompreneursGermanyFacebook Group
Mompreneur SoulGlobalEdu community

Online Mompreneurs’ associations and communities

As online mompreneurs are a subgroup of bigger mompreneurs groups, you can join the above-mentioned mompreneurs communities and you find a number of online business owners over there to connect. However, in order to be more focused and specific, we have created an online mompreneurs community. Join us, connect, receive freebies, and much more…

join online mompreneurs

Reasons to become a mompreneur

Reasons to become online mompreneur

All of this sounds fantastic, but why are moms doing it? Why do they agree to work their ‘second shift’ to run their business? Most of the moms from the 99designs survey agreed that it is the freedom they are getting. Read my article 10 reasons to become an online mompreneur if you would like to know more about the motives behind it.

If you are a mom and would like to start an online business for whatever reason, read my article on how to become an online mompreneur to warm you up.

Criticism of the term mompreneur

The word mompreneurs is however receiving some criticism. Some mothers/business owners do not like to be labeled as a mompreneur as it according to them sounds like a sweet housewife trying to sell cupcakes while her baby is napping.

mompreneurs selling cupcakes

However, I believe it is not a word created to segregate but to connect. It is a word created by mompreneurs for mompreneurs. To help us to connect, share, and help each other. It is a term that defines a woman who is fully engaged in her mothering role as well as running a business. It is a word that recognizes the double or triple or even multiple more efforts mothers have to put into creating this life they dream of.

Mompreneur is a woman who decided to be the primary childcare giver in the family and still wants to pursue her business idea. 

I understand that they are various family models out there. And not all mothers who are entrepreneurs want or feel like to be associated with this title. And that is an entirely fair point. 

Before becoming a mother, I had only myself to take care of. It was easy to stay a long hour at work, work weekends, and quickly wake up one hour earlier to write a blog post. 

After becoming a mother, especially the mother of young children, all of these activities became so much harder as I have decided to bear most of the childcare myself. 

Yes, a stay-at-home parent is doing an equivalent of a 2,5 full-time job. So imagine a stay-at-home mother doing business on the top. It requires dedication, fantastic time management, overcoming a lot of guilt feeling and cutting off on the social engagements. Yes, this is all we have in stock. Therefore, this term defines us and helps us find each other to help and support each other. 

I will give you this example of online courses, where I think labeling yourself as a mompreneur can be useful. I think taking an online course that can help me to learn about blogging and help me to bring my blog to the next level is an important thing to do. I love a lot of them out there. But honestly, those done by men or women without children can never reflect all the needs and support a mompreneur needs. 

And yes, many of us are selling cakes and handmade products, but this doesn’t define a mompreneur (I love cupcakes).

What about dadpreneur?

Some women claim that there is no term such as dadpreneur, so why we have a term mompreneur. But it exists. By the way, wiktionary defines a dadpreneur as A father who works as a business entrepreneur in addition to his family commitments.

I genuinely believe that not a majority, more and more fathers are deciding for the role of a primary childcare giver in the family. And if those fathers start their business, then I wish for them to create such a term to help them create a supportive community. And some of the dads are actually doing the job.

Thierry Ascarez is the lucky father of three boys. Born and raised in Belgium, Thierry is an author and entrepreneurial adventurer. He wrote a book Dadpreneur, helping dads to be successful with their busy lives.

What about a dadpreneur podcast?  Its vision to open a dialogue with Parents who are Entrepreneurs and maybe provide a little motivation and lighthearted encouragement through it all.

Yes, things are changing. We are embracing our family roles, not being embarrassed for it, or feeling those have nothing to do with our professional life. They do! for both mothers and fathers entrepreneurs.

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who is an online mompreneur

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