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Don’t ever plan without keeping your period in mind

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Use effectively your productivity, creativity, and energy levels when they are at their best.

Learn more about your monthly cycle phases and use the information you get wisely in your time management.

Woman is creature cyclical

For women, being cyclical is natural. However, it seems, nowadays women are trying to escape their true nature.

All those fights for equal human and civil rights, that women had to fight for themselves, let them suppress listening to their bodies.

Competing in a mostly man dominated race, women are forgetting that they are capable of much more.

Women have powerful gifts that should be utilized in the business and corporate world.

Believe it or not, every single day, women between the age of 11 and 55 years are having a different mixture of hormones in their bodies. Hormones are chemicals that influence different processes in the body. Unlike man, whose hormones levels are more or less the same every day, their whole life, women have the blessing of experiencing great diversity during their menstrual cycle. 

Monthly cycle and business

So how does this relate to our business? Greatly. Different hormones make us feel, think and behave differently. And this affects our energy, focus, and creativity.

For example, if we want to make important decisions, we should not do it in the first two weeks of our cycle. This is the time when a steep rise in the hormone estrogen (primary female sex hormone) can trigger over-optimism and impulsiveness.

On the other hand, towards the end of our cycle, the hormone progesterone is rising. The balance of estrogen and progesterone allows us to see things clearly, without being over-optimistic or over-pessimistic. 

Of course, we all respond differently to our own hormonal patterns. Therefore, to use our cycle to our advantage and utilize our energy and creativity in the best way, we need to know ourselves.

Record 3 monthly cycles

Recording behavior and feelings for two or three cycles and then compare the records is a good start. After that, we can clearly see our own patterns. To record my cycle I prefer to use a FREE tool designed by Miranda Gray, who is a true guru in this field.

For a bit more creative journaling, you can use the Creative Journal For a Sacred Menstrual Experience by Lucy Aitkenread. She has created an explorative journey for every lady out there who wants to reconnect with her womb. This way, we can regain the knowledge of our menstrual cycles that has been lost, burnt, or forgotten.

You can get it directly from Lucy’s website ($3,50) or as a part of a great Self-care bundle of 22 eBooks, eCourses, and printables valued at $590 (now only $22,99).

For a more tech solution, you can try to use an app to track down your cycle. For instance, The Hormonology app provides information about your estimated hormone levels and how they could influence you at the current stage of your period. 

Read “The optimized Women” book

Now, after documenting our cycle, we should understand how to utilize this resource and benefit from it the most in our everyday life, and mostly in our business. My favorite expert in this field, Miranda Gray is suggesting in her book “The Optimized Woman: Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Achieve Success and Fulfillment”, that during her menstrual cycle, women have ups and downs periods.

Do you feel the difference in your mood and energy levels throughout the month? Why not to use this for our benefits.

We should definitely pay attention to those days where high-performance skills and abilities are at the peak.

The author of the book, Miranda, is strongly convinced that all the women should know when this is happening and should use this time to excel beyond expectations. By doing this, we can achieve our goals more successfully and easily either in the workplace or in our business. 

Apply in practice

Imagine, if you can plan in a practical way action for self-development, goal achievement, and work enhancement aligned to the phases of the menstrual cycle, how relieving that would be.

No need to suppress our feelings and emotions anymore. No need to force ourselves to work when we actually do not have any energy. No need to pretend we are fine when we are all in pain.

I believe this is true liberation. The liberation of female power. To acknowledge this can lead to the birth of the great women leaders our world needs. It can actually lead to the birth of your best ever idea ever.

Imagine, if you can plan in a practical way action for self-development, goal achievement, and work enhancement aligned to the phases of the menstrual cycle, how relieving that would be.

For instance, some days I am full of ideas for my blogs and my business, another day I am very good at sitting down and completing tasks, but some days I just do not want to open my laptop or even to talk to anybody. Well, now the mystery is solved. That’s all thanks to my hormone cocktail on a certain day. 

The world is full of advice to know ourselves better to live better and more fulfilled lives. Therefore, I am getting the Miranda’s book on my Kindle right now, and I am going to start the journey in understanding my body better. I am totally into learning how to use it in the most efficient way to achieve success in my personal and business life. 

Don’t wait until I finish it and update you about details and get yourself a copy right now. Embrace your cyclic nature and unlock your true potential.

Use our planning tool (FREE printable and exel)

In order to bring all the knowledge we gain about our cycle into practice, I have created a special weekly planner. It helps me to keep in mind my different cycle phases. Get the planner now completely for free as a printable or as an excel file!

I hope this post helps you to find your true potential and use it fully to merge your motherhood with your business.

All the best,


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