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Lockdown risks and opportunities for online mompreners

What are the biggest risks and opportunities of this current lockdown situation for us moms who have an online business?
Current tough times are impacting most of us. Online mompreneurs are not any different. But what are the real risks of the corona-virus situation and are there any opportunities for us?
Starting with the RISKS, those are few of them, that can have an impact on our business:
  1. Economic slow down (factories closed, decreased production, loss of jobs, decreased income, financial difficulties, people buying only necessary products)
  2. General fear and uncertainty about future
  3. Psychological impacts of social distancing (possible negative impacts on our mental health)
  4. Less time for our business (kids are home from school, more time dedicated to them, their online learning as well as free time, more time spent cooking and cleaning. less help from the family)
It all sounds negative, but I believe there are some important OPPORTUNITIES, that are arising from this situation. Here are some of them:
  1. People spending more time online
  2. Increase in demand for e-products and focus on them
    All products, such as e-courses, e-books, e-consultations, e-learning, are currently in.
  3. Cheap online advertisement
    Big companies, maybe with an exception of Amazon, are currently cutting their expenses on the advertisement. Therefore, here comes the opportunity of cheaper advertisement for us and our online products.
  4. Possibility to be socially responsible and gain new clients at the same time, via offering your products for free
    Many online entrepreneurs are deciding to offer some of their products for free, to be helpful in the current crisis. This will, however, help them to grow their followers if they do it the right way.
So these are a few of my thoughts on the situation there is in front of us. Stay home, stay safe and think strategically and positively about the future of your great online mompreneurs business.

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