How to use PowerPoint to create original pins for Pinterest

Pinterest Pins created in powerpoint
Pinterest Pins created in powerpoint

As you might have already realized, is a great tool to produce stunning images for Pinterest, however, it is not the only option out there for a complete graphic design dummy. PowerPoint, originally used to create slide presentations, can be helpful in this case as well.

There are many graphic design tools out there that create awesome pins for Pinterest. But honestly, I am a total visual design novice and know entirely nothing about it. Therefore, I started with so much promoted online bases platform

How I found out that PowerPoint can create images

Oh, girl, so many people are talking and using canva. com. And there is an apparent reason for it; you need zero graphic designer skills to prepare genuinely stunning images. And also fewer people have decided to master some of the professional design tools such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 

So one day, while creating one of my beauties, I wanted to make the letters on my pin filled with a metallic foil. 

metallic text with PowerPoint

But the free canva version doesn’t allow me to do that. So what happened, I remembered an excellent old tool I used in my previous office life – PowerPoint. I used to be an expert in PowerPoint. And I just remembered that it could serve as a great, but very elementary, graphic design tool.

And here it was. I started to try and craft and mix and match. I discovered that it is totally possible to create pins in PowerPoint and I have to say that I created some of the most beautiful pins I have ever made in PowerPoint. For example this one:

2 reasons why I use PowerPoint to create pins

For me, the two essential things that are great in PowerPoint are: 

1. I can download and play around with new fonts

2. I can use a picture as a fill for my text

So if you are interested in discovering how to create stunning Pinterest pins in PowerPoint, stay with me. 

How to resize a slide

Firstly, we need to open a new PowerPoint slide. Change the desired size of your slide by going to the tab Design and option Slide size. Here you should select the size in inches, and you have to remember to keep the ratio 2:3 recommended by Pinterest. 

As a next step after we set the size, we will choose our background. The option background will allow us to chose a picture. Now, you can start playing with text and different fonts. I usually get my new fonts from

How to install new font from

It is easy to set it all up. You need to download the zipped file, extract it all. After right-clicking on the font file and select install. After that, when you open your PowerPoint, this new font will appear in the font options. If you have no idea which font to combine with which, go to Pinterest and search ‘How to mix fonts.’ A good number of options will appear for you. 

How to create metallic text

If you like the idea of the metallic text, first get some pictures of metallic foils you like. You can find some nice royalty-free shots on or Then you can select your desired text, go to Format, Text Fill, and choose the option Picture.

This way, however, some fonts do not appear really nice. If this is your case, this second option works for all fonts just right:,into%20the%20text%20without%20issues.

metallic text with powerpoint

How to create a background for text

Moreover, to give a background to our text, you can insert various shapes and play around with their fill, size, and transparency. After we are happy with our design, we are all set to get our final picture. 

How to save slide as an image

Finally, to save the slide as an image, just press the File tab, Save as option. Choose your destination and type of the file you want to save it. I usually create my pins in png format. 

And that’s it. This is how you create pins in PowerPoint. It is an easy and smooth way to create stunning and original pins without breaking a sweat with complicated designer tools. 

I hope this short tutorial was helpful and you will use PowerPoint to create some of the most original pins you have ever made.

Yours, KatkaG.

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