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How to become an Online Mompreneur

Find your field

The number one step in how to become an online mompreneur is to find out what kind of business would you like to start. Try to think about something that you naturally incline towards and avoid fields that you do not have good feelings about. For example, in case you are a detailed oriented and organized person, you would enjoy being a virtual assistant. However, if you prefer a more unstructured lifestyle, this could be the wrong choice. Below you can find a list of some online business ideas I have collected so far:

  • virtual assistant
  • e-shop
  • blogging
  • social media influencer or online niche community creator
  • content, ghostwriter or journalist
  • coaching (personal or professional)
  • consulting (any field from marketing or accounting to renewable energy)
  • online tutoring
  • authoring e-books (kids’ books, fiction, non-fiction)
  • online courses
  • translating, editing and proofreading
  • design
  • web development
  • recruiter (online head-hunter)
  • online investment
  • app development
  • affiliate marketing

Set your online presence

Once you have done your research, and you choose one field, the next step is to set your online presence. You would need a

  1. business name
  2. logo
  3. website (domain and hosting)
  4. social media accounts

After your online presence is set up, start producing good quality content. You can write few blog posts, create few videos and make few social media posts at first. Furthermore, depending on your field, you should be looking at some more advanced tools to help your business grow, such as an email marketing tool. To minimize your starting costs, I shared 5 free resources for online mompreneurs.

Stay connected

Most importantly, a new online mompreneur needs constant support and advice. Make sure you join some of the support groups on Facebook or follow other mompreneurs on their Instagram.

Moms in those groups spread positive energy needed during overwhelming moments.  Furthermore, keeping in mind the reasons why you are doing this, can help to keep you on track as well.

Being fully aware of your capabilities and resources, do not be too harsh on yourselves. Step by step, you will slowly learn what and how to do it.

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