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How I save time on housework and invest it in my business instead

how i save time on housework and invest it in my business instead

As a stay-at-home mom, I am doing almost all the housework at home. Therefore, I had to figure out how to make it done while still having energy for my business.

I used to get help one or two times a week, but honestly, since the COVID-19 issue started, I am reluctant to call anybody to visit our home. Therefore, I had to figure out how to do it in the most efficient manner, to save time for my business well.

To keep up with everything running in my household, I tried to do the chores when the kids were asleep. It worked quite well until it didn’t. I burnt out from lack of sleep and total exhaustion.

I don’t like to complain very much, but one day I was talking to my neighbor about my situation while kids were playing around the house. I also complained about my eczema issue, how doing chores makes my eczema worse, and how I am in a closed circle. Yes, I know, complaining neighbor. Nobody likes that. But thankfully, this lady listened to me and mentioned that she has a unique tool for cleaning around her house, and actually, she rarely makes her hands wet while doing chores. Wow, I was thinking, she has just saved my life.

So my dear ladies, as you can see, sometimes it is beneficial to mention your troubles to other people. You would be surprised what kind of solutions they can help you to discover.

And this was the beginning of my chores revolution. Now, I don’t get my hands wet very often; I use the rubber gloves very seldom, my eczema got so much better, I save lots of time and lots of energy (and money) for other more important things, especially for sleep and my business.

Let me show you how I did it with these 3 housework hacks:

1. I got the essential cleaning tool ever: the steam cleaner.

Yes, this was the tool my neighbor recommended me the other day. And honestly, I don’t know what I was doing all those years without it. I got Karcher SC 3 EasyFix. I choose that one as Karcher is a family-owned German company, and german products have such a good reputation.

Karcher saves me

  • Money
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Skin

This impressive machine saves me a lot of money as I do not need to buy that many harmful cleaning products anymore. Those conventional products are dangerous, especially for kids. The steamer kills 99,9 % of common household bacteria with just using steam. Furthermore, when cleaning with steam, there is no residual aroma bothering my skin and saving me a lot of troubles I have with my eczema.

cleaning without harmful chemicals

My time is genuinely saved by this machine, as the heat is resolving the heavy-duty dirt and makes it so much easier to remove. The water heats in no time, and it is a quiet machine, so you can use it any time of the day, even after the kids went to sleep.

I am sure you would also love that you do not need to scrub or rub anything to make it clean. This is saving me so much energy. Usually, after cleaning the house, I would be dead tired. But now I still have lots of energy to sit at the laptop and write a few lines on my blog.

I think this steamer saves your time and energy and saves the environment as well. Can you believe that I only use 1 liter of water to clean my two-bedroom apartment? I fill the machine once, and that’s it. I run it around the house, and the water amount is sufficient.

And the last saving point is related to my skin. This steamer is hell, saving my skin on my hands to be always wet or from using rubber gloves. On both occasions, my eczema will flare up immediately. However, using the steamer, I only hold the handle or a dry cloth to dry out the residual water from some places, like the fridge door, cooker, or windows.

dry hands without eczema

Yes, you are reading it right. I clean with it my floor, windows, mirrors, stove, bathroom sink, shower, bathroom sink, toilet, furniture, sofa, kids toys, basically anything. However, some materials shouldn’t be cleaned by steam, such as thin plastic. During the cold weather in the winter, you should be cautious with the windows cleaning as well.

Finally, I cannot express enough how much I love this tool. Ladies, if you don’t have it yet, get it now. You will get your investment returned in no time. I like it so much; I am going to get an extension for textile steaming.

2. Yes, ladies, I didn’t use the dishwasher until recently.


I started to use the dishwasher only recently, and I have no idea why I waited so long, it is the dishwasher.

I know, for some of you ladies, this might seems to be strange. But basically, we never had at the home dishwasher, and even after marriage in my first apartments, there were no dishwasher and no space to install them either. So when we recently moved and I got a dishwasher, I discovered how much time and effort it saves me. Time, especially.

Dear ladies, congratulation to those who are already using this fantastic machine. And for those who are not, please, do everything in your power to get one unless you have a full-time maid, of course. The brand I am using is Teka, but my recommendation is to get something from a well-known good company with a reliable guarantee and customer service.

3. Bluetooth headset can save your life.

Or at least your sanity. I cannot imagine my life without my Bluetooth headset. I will set my headset and listen to something enriching and educating during any chores at home. Or I will talk to my mom. I know that you shouldn’t be multitasking and that your conscious brain can only focus on one task at the time. But honestly, who is using their conscious mind when cleaning the floor?

I have two sets, one I used in the past a lot. It is waterproof; you can swim in it, but jumping to the shower with it is more relevant. It is truly an excellent option as it has an mp3 player as well, so you can listen to your favorite recordings, music, podcasts, or books while you are not carrying your mobile around.

Now I am more often using it’s the less bulky sister that is not waterproof, but its more lightweight and compact (and cheaper).

Both options have a microphone so that you can record yourself as well. I know of many bloggers who use voice recordings to note their ideas or even write the whole article, by only using google docs (option record voice).

I hope these three tips to save time while during housework are useful and that you will start implementing them right now. However, when we look where the future is leading us, I genuinely believe that keeping your home clean will be more relaxed and comfortable.

With the help of all kinds of technologies, especially robots, housework might not be soon as a big-time consumer as it is now. Currently, the best example is a vacuum cleaner robot. It doesn’t do the job exactly as you would; however, it is a good start, I would say. So fingers crossed, and let’s see what the future brings us.

relaxing housework

All the best,

Yours KatkaG.

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