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Don’t waste your time! Create a newsletter from a Facebook page in just 2 minutes.

Finish your newsletter hassle-free with no prepared content. You can feed it easily directly from your Facebook page. Let’s have a look at how to do that.

First of all, congratulation on the growing number of your subscribers. But what to do now? How to maintain a regular connection with all of them? One of the great ways to update your followers about the new posts, promotions, updates, or events is a newsletter. And as we are online mompreneurs, our newsletter should be in electronic form.

So, how do I create one? I usually use the following two options:

  1. Fast and easy: Newsletter from my Facebook page with Designrr
  2. Prepared content + Canva

I can certainly go to, to use some of the lovely templates for the newsletter, and fill it in with my content.

canva newsletter

However, as we all know very well, creating content takes time. As a busy mom, I am always trying to use my time as effectively as I can. Therefore, I have been searching for some time-saving tips. It helps me to capture the weekly news in a PDF format in less than 2 minutes. And content? I retrieve it directly from my Facebook page.

Let me demonstrate how I am doing this.

First of all, I am using my favorite life-savior; the e-book creation platform Designrr.

Following these simple steps, I am able to make the newsletter in few minutes:

  1. I create a new project and select the option ‘Import from Facebook Page’.
Inkedcreate a new project_LI
import from FB

2. I copy the address of my Facebook page and Import. Furthermore, I select the few appearing options.

paste the FB page address

3. I select the posts I want to appear in my newsletter.

select all posts

4. Furthermore, I choose a template (out of over 100 options).

choose template

6. And the Newsletter is created. Now I just change my cover page picture, header, and footer, and sometimes I change their colors as well to match the color of my logo.

5. change your cover pagechange colors

7. I hit save and the project is finished. Finally, I just press Publish and choose the provided options. I like to Optimize images, as it really decreases the size of the file, just in case I want to send it in the email.

i optimized

And that is all. No sweat, no hassle. Now I just create my 3D cover and a flipbook, that I share with my subscribers.

3D cover

If you prefer to watch, you can see this blog recorded on Youtube.

Furthermore, I would love you to save your time and energy in the same way I am doing, and get an access to your Designrr platform.

I hope this post inspired you. Happy Newsletters creation and many happy and connected subscribers and followers.

Yours Katka G.

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