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Repurpose your content and create an awesome E-book from your blog in just 2 minutes

Make your first e-book with no hassle, in two minutes, by using your blog. This is a great way to repurpose your valuable content and make the best out of it.

As an online mompreneur, I am always thinking about creating various streams of my income. Primarily, I focus on passive income, as I still want to concentrate most of my time on my kids. Whether I am planning to upload it and sell it on Amazon or to use it as a magnet lead and grow my email database, an e-book is a great choice.

In general, I like sharing my knowledge and my lessons-learned via a great guide or a handbook. However, there are many other options open for you. You might choose to write Children’s books or Adults’ books (either fiction or non-fiction).

Normally, I produce my e-books in two simple ways:

1) transforming my drafted version in Word into PDF format, and

2) converting my blog into any e-book format via the Designrr platform 

Surely, the first method – word to pdf – takes organization and time. But still, I will share how do I go about it:

1. Transforming Draft E-book into PDF Format

I usually finalize my draft work in Word and hit File. From the options I choose either; 1) save as Adobe PDF (you might not have this option), or 2) Print (select Microsoft Print to PDF option as the printer).

It is simple to save or print your draft, but are you worried about writing such a long material? Perhaps, you do not have that much time to spend writing a whole book and prepare your draft?

There is a solution to this. Take your existing blog and convert it into an appealing artwork. Assemble already prepared text, include demonstrative pictures and press print to PDF.

The second, more efficient, effective, and easy way is to use a Designrr. This great tool is not free, but 27 dollars for a lifetime license is not a pretty good deal.

Designrr allows you to repurpose your blog posts, videos and even your Facebook group content and create a stuning e-books, even in kindle format. 

  Let’s see how easy it really is to create an ebook with Designrr.

2. Converting blog into E-book

If you are anything like me, you do not have your text files very well organized, or you do not have time to do this gathering and formatting hassle. My place-to-go, in this case, is a state-of-art application Designrr. I am in love with this one. This easy to use online-based platform will save you a lot of time and nerves, and it does not cost you a fortune.

How to create your e-book with Designrr

  1. Hit the plus ‘Start a New Project’ or click on ‘Create a New Project’ in the right corner.
E-book in 2 minutes step 1

2. As a source of your e-book choose ‘Import from Blog Post/s or URL’ option.

E-book in 2 minutes step 2

3. Now insert the address of your blog/s and click ‘Fetch’. Afterward, hit ‘NEXT’.

E-book in 2 minutes step 3

4. As a next step, you need to choose an already designed template and click ‘NEXT’. There is a lot of options to choose, most of them are classical one column, but sometimes I prefer those with two columns. You can change the number of columns of your text later as well.

E-book in 2 minutes step 4

5. Once your project is loaded, you can change your cover page. Just click the icon of a picture on the cover page content. This will lead you to the media manager, where you upload the desired picture.

E-book in 2 minutes step 5

6. Now, after your cover page picture is changed, you might edit it as you wish. Write a headline, change the Author’s name, and so on.

E-book in 2 minutes step 7

7. As a next step, I always set my header and footer right, if I wish to keep them in my book. You can choose to deactivate them as well. To keep all the headers and footers the same throughout the book, just hit the rectangle icon in the selection, as shown below.

E-book in 2 minutes step 8

8. And this is pretty much it. Now you can publish your creation by hitting the ‘Publish’ button down left.

E-book in 2 minutes step 9

9. I prefer to optimize my images, but it is totally up to you. Afterward, I choose the desired format (PDF, mobi for Kindle or Epub). Name the project and do not forget to write the author’s name. Press ‘Export’.

E-book in 2 minutes step 10

10. And your project is born. Furthermore, you can make a great 3D cover and Flipbook out of it directly on the platform as a bonus. When you return to your home page, click on the new project you just created. You will see many small icons appearing. The first one will change your Cover page into a fantastic 3D version. The third icon will give you a link to the Flipbook created from the project.

E-book in 2 minutes step 11

Here you can see my Flipbook that I have just created.

And here are some samples of 3D covers that you can create in few seconds out of your Cover page as a bonus. I completely love this feature.

Creating 3D cover will take you literally few seconds. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I have to say, I am in love with the Designrr platform features. If you want to try it too, you can do so here. It is saving me tons of time and effort.

Video demonstration of how to create this e-book in Designrr is available here.

Last but not least, would you consider getting the Designrr platform for yourself?

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I hope you enjoyed reading and watching this post and I hope it will help you as much as it is helping me.

All the best,

Katka G.

Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Unsplash

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