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Don’t give up the Lockdown fight. Take this 4 simple but not easy steps to beat the Lockdown Mompreneur’s Challenges

The current lockdown situation is exposing online entrepreneurs to many external challenges. But, as moms and entrepreneurs, we have to win over demanding conditions inside our homes as well. 

My normal day is tough. The husband and kids are home all the time. Everybody is getting a bit crazy; therefore I am trying to help them to cope. Meaning spending more time and energy on housework, homeschooling, as well as on conversations. At the end of the day, there is almost nothing left to work on my online business. I guess, your days are similar. 

It is indeed a challenging time for all mompreneurs. But can we find a solution? Should we just put our business on hold? It might sound relieving, but we might lose our business or miss some great opportunities. However, the night shift work will soon lead to a burnt out. 

I believe, there is a way out of the dilemma. Here is a technique I have been testing for some time and it has been working well so far. 

Firstly, I decided to keep my plans. Secondly, I found that the secret is in breaking the plans into small and manageable parts. Normally, I break them into tasks that take 30 minutes. Thirdly, I found a ‘safe place’ or rather a ‘safe time’. Either I work early in the morning, just 1 hour before my kids wake up, or 1 hour after they sleep. By doing so, working on small tasks will sum up a great result. 

Keep your business dreams even during the lockdown period. Use some of the opportunities that are out there. Here is a recap of my approach for you:

  1. Set your online business goal.
  2. Break it into small, manageable, and realistic steps (Time blocking, optimized productivity natural planning)
  3. Make these steps daily habits.
  4. Find your ‘safe place’ (or ‘safe time’), where nobody will disturb you.

You can grab now our free weekly planner that will help you to plan in 30 minutes steps. It takes into account different energy, creativity, and productivity levels during different women’s monthly cycle phases. To learn more about this topic read here.

I hear you, staying at home with everybody in the house can be overwhelming. Once you organize your little time for your business, there is still a lot to be planned. Parenting, kids activities, homeschooling, and self-care. All of this is on the top of our head right now. But don’t worry. The Stay at Home Survival Bundle is here to give you tips, tricks, and strategies to take care of yourself, your family, and your home (and keep your sanity in the process ;)). Get it for yourself right now!

I hope this will work with you well. Share on my Facebook or Instagram page how it is going. 

Good luck!

Yours KatkaG.

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